Money Monday: The Series

Around two years ago, I started to learn about personal finance and money management. Someone I love introduced me to some of the core concepts of managing money. After that moment, I kept finding and attracting more opportunities to learn about (and practice!) having a healthy relationship with my money.

At one point in my journey, I found myself overwhelmed by… well… everything in life. It just felt like there was so much I wanted to focus on, keep track of, or prioritize in some way. So I broke it down and made a system. I decided to dedicate a theme, a focus, to each day of the week, Monday through Sunday. I basically made hashtags for myself (#moneymonday). With that theme in mind for the designated day, I prioritize and focus my energy on some of the good habits I wanted to cultivate. That’s where Money Mondays started.

So I thought, “Great! On Mondays, I’m gonna learn about money!” But I soon realized I needed to make my Money Mondays a little more strategic, a little more… tangible and actionable. Here’s what a typical Money Monday looks like for me:

  • I review all of my financial accounts (checking account, savings account, sinking funds, credit card accounts, investments, all that jazz). I get a clear picture of how much money I have and how much I spent this past week. And it might be the Virgo in me, but yes, I have a spreadsheet to keep track of all this.
  • I look at last week’s purchases and ask myself about how those purchases served me. I try not to judge myself if I had a few frivolous buys in the week. I just take note of what drove me to make that purchase, the “why” or feelings behind it, and think about how I can better serve that drive in the future. For example, if I order Uber Eats instead of cooking it might be out of convenience or because I wanted to try something different for dinner. And that’s okay sometimes. But to not make it a habit, I could look for ways to make dinner more convenient and easy for me regularly (like batch-cooking!).
  • Lastly, I consume some form of financial education. I follow personal finance experts, read books, and/or listen to podcasts related to my money goals and interests.

This system helps me prioritize good habits all throughout the week, but at the very least, it ensures that I spend at least one day each week enhancing my financial future. Money Mondays remind me that I can have an abundant life, be resourceful, and learn a lot from my relationship with money.

Having said that, every Monday, I would like to help YOU on your financial journey, one step at a time. In a series I’m calling, you guessed it, Money Mondays! On Money Mondays, I will share with you my tried and true personal finance tips, as well as more resources, to help you learn how to make the most out of your mula.

Each week you’ll receive a post from me talking about things like steps to building an emergency savings fund, changing your beliefs about money, how to automate your finances, etc. This is based on my own experience and research. Yes, you will hear terms like “budgeting,” “Roth IRA,” “investing,” and all that jazz. But at the core of this, I want to share tools and experiences that might help you even if it just prompts you to do something small like saving $5 a month. I might even throw some questions at you for self-reflection… like right now!

TLDR; Money Mondays = a habit I’ve built of checking in with my finances and consuming financial education each week, AND the name of my latest series on here! Come back each week for money related articles every Monday.

Questions for reflection:

  1. What’s my current relationship with money? (e.g., “The thought of money makes me tense up,” “I’m scared to look at my bank account,” “I can’t seem to keep the money that I make,” etc.) No judgment necessary here, just an honest assessment of where you are right now!
  2. What are some of the beliefs I currently have about money and money management? (e.g., “Money is the root of all evil,” “Budgeting is restricting,” etc.)
  3. What is your relationship with saving? (e.g., “All I do is save,” “I’ve never saved before,” etc.)
  4. What is your relationship with investing? (e.g., seasoned investor, don’t know about investing, etc.)
  5. What are some purchases you’ve made in your life that you felt really good about? Why?

Give yourself time with these questions and prompts. See you next week with another Money Monday post!

#15: What’s the Cost?, Needing to Recharge, Weekly Favorites

Hey peeps!

Last week was my first week back to school, and it felt nice. All the classes I’m taking this semester are aligned with what I want to create, experience, and do moving forward so I’m happy about that. For example, I’m taking a class on creating podcasts (*wink* – so expect to hear my voice in the near future!) It also kinda feels good to have a schedule and see familiar faces again. I’m feeling productive, which of course, always makes me feel good.


Introspection Time: What’s the Cost?

With the start of a new semester, I also re-celebrated the importance of mentorship, introspection, and relaxation. I spoke with wonderful people about how important it is to do things purposefully and to always ask yourself what you’re giving up whenever you decide to take on something new. As someone who is known for leading different initiatives and participating in multiple things, this was a much-needed reminder. There’s a cost to everything; saying yes to one thing means saying no to another. So yeah, I could start another club. But what is that saying no to? Yeah, I could pack my schedule with lots of meetings but is that at the expense of my personal health? What will have to give?

And that’s been kinda hard… thinking about what has to give, I mean. There’s so much I want to do but I keep trying to remind myself that:

  • I have plenty of time; I don’t have to do everything right now, at this moment in my life. 5-year plan, anyone?
  • Doing more doesn’t mean you’re getting a lot more done.
  • Delegating is necessary for survival. Lol.


Needing to Recharge

After the full and beautiful week I had last came to a close, I realized something big. I need to take time to rest and recharge. Let me say that again for the future-me looking back at this post and nodding her head – I NEED to take time to rest and recharge. And if you’re someone who is in school, working, taking care of others, or just living a full (I never like to say busy) life, then I encourage you to soak up that reminder too. In the past couple of days, I felt like my days consisted of waking up, immediately getting to work and interacting, and coming home only to do more work and fall asleep. So naturally, my body and mind feel a little cheated. Like, hey what happened to all that relaxation and me-time we got during break? Why’d that stop?

Not to say I don’t LOVE the things that I’m doing and the connections I’m making. It’s just that everyone needs a little me-time, you know? Especially considering the fact that I consider myself an introvert (maybe an ambivert) who needs that alone-time to prevent and deal with feeling drained.


Weekly Favorites:

This week I felt a lot closer to my loved ones and a lot more productive than usual. Sobering discussions and extensions of love kept me grounded this week. Here are some of my favorites from the past couple of days:

Podcast: Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversation with Daniel Goleman on Emotional Intelligence

Place: Target – I made a trip there this weekend and it reminded me of how much I love that place!

App: Google Calendar (my SAVING GRACE during the semester)

Quote: “The master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house” – Audre Lorde

I hope you have an awesome week ahead, filled with introspection and plenty of time to relax.