Wellness Wednesday: The Series

About a year ago, after feeling pretty overwhelmed by *all the things*, I decided that I would try using themes to focus on specific things for each day of the week. Mondays, for example, are called Money Mondays and on these days I focus on my finances, expand my financial education, and learn more about getting good with my money. If you’re interested in learning more about what my Money Mondays consist of, check out this post here.

Wednesdays are for wellness! Wellness Wednesdays consist of an hour or two of me taking notes and reflecting on how my health has been since last Wednesday. I do a physical “check-up” where I look at myself in the full-length mirror and see if I notice anything different (e.g., acne on my face, any scars or bumps, etc.). Then, I take note of how I’ve been feeling mentally, emotionally, and physically. Sometimes I notice things like my mind feeling heavy or scattered or that my body needs a goooood stretch. I then ask myself what I need more of and how I can take better care of myself this week. Maybe I need to sleep earlier, connect with my friends, or journal out complicated feelings.

Now, of course, I take care of myself to the best of my ability every other day of the week. But having a designated day where I make it my mission to fully and deeply check-in with myself has been tremendously helpful. Wellness Wednesdays remind me of how important it is for me to check-in with myself and have healthy practices. Sometimes we get into a slump, or we are so distracted by things like work, stress, family, relationships, etc., that we forget ourselves. We forget to eat. We forget to stretch. We don’t notice that our body is changing and has different needs now. We don’t acknowledge our anxiety or the fact that we’re feeling overwhelmed right now. Wellness Wednesdays are that reminder for me that my health and wellness are my top priority.

Having said that, every Wednesday I’d like to help remind YOU that YOUR health and wellness is your top priority by starting a series called, you guessed it, Wellness Wednesday! Each week you’ll receive a new post from me about things like taking care of your mental health, the importance of checking in with yourself, physical challenges, and questions to ask yourself. And speaking of questions…

I have a few for you! Let’s say you had a practice like Wellness Wednesday – dedicated time(s) and habit(s) of checking in with yourself. What would that look like for you? How would you check in with yourself and take better care of yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally?

TLDR; Wellness Wednesdays = a habit I’ve built of checking in with my physical, mental, and emotional health each week, AND the name of my latest series on here! Come back each week for wellness related articles every Wednesday. Ask yourself:

Questions for reflection:

  1. How can I make checking in with myself both a priority and a habit?
  2. How can I check in with myself physically? (e.g., examining yourself in a mirror, checking your health stats, etc.)
  3. How can I check in with myself mentally? (e.g., journaling, mindfulness, etc.)
  4. How can I check in with myself emotionally? (e.g., going to therapy, mood tracker, etc.)
  5. What do I need right now? (e.g., a nap, a hug, etc.)

I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday full of wellness.

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