#7: Back at it again…

Hey peeps,

If you scroll down and view my earlier posts, you’ll be able to tell a couple things. For one, I fell OFF – I haven’t posted for well over a year. And second, I renamed my site. It used to be Valencia’s Voice, which was nice and all, but I like the sound of my full name a little more.

So what’s to come with this new round of posts? A lot of reflection, weekly favorites, and a whole bunch of creation without limitation or expectation.


By creation I mean anything that comes from me; anything I produce. That could be blog posts, online articles, poems, songs, videos, or anything of the sort. Whatever stems from me. The bit about these creations being without limitations or expectations means that I am choosing to create freely. I am choosing to write, sing, record, and create in any way that calls me, without overthinking it. Without worrying about whether or not others will receive it well. Without trying to define and label what “it” actually is.

I hope you’ll stick around and check out what I publish and present moving forward. I’m excited to see what will manifest!


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