Original Poem: Lost by Valencia Saint-Louis

Lost by Valencia Saint-Louis

Mixed, muddy future as Mother Earth melts

Dirt becomes dirty by man’s touch

Who will pull the trigger first?

Those looking to protect

or defend

a system

or a God?


I am looking for humanity.

Can you help me find her?

Is she among the rubbish?

Is she between the divisions

we make between ourselves?

Does she care for the children

who are no longer cared for?


News is not news anymore.

Shut it off.


I’m looking for empathy

Is she paddling the waters

of the Earth

Soaked searching for refuge

Perhaps she is grieving

Wondering why we’ve lost her

Perhaps she is in labor

Giving birth to the movements

We need to find her.


I’m looking for humanity

in the cracks

of our foundation,

in the cries

of the living,

and the warnings

of the dead.

Perhaps she is at war.

Is she captured by greed?


I’m looking for humanity.

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