#1: My Mission

My first post! *pops champagne*

Here it is! The first brick of Valencia’s Voice. The foundation. The starter. So… where do I start?

Who Am I?

I think it’s best to start with who I am in this moment. My name is Valencia Saint-Louis. I refer to myself as a poetic optimist. I am a creative. I am a writer, a poet, a life-learner, and a musician. Some fun facts about me include: I’m a vegetarian, I love Bruno Mars, I’m studying speech language pathology at the moment, and I’m allllll about self-care!

Okay Valencia, What’s This Blog About?

After lots of reflection, I realized that most of my gifts in life have to do with one thing: my voice. From writing, singing, advising, etc. my voice has been the driving force of it all. Both literally and figuratively. What I want to do with Valencia’s Voice is to share this voice with others. I want to release all of my creations into the world with the hope that someone will see them and go, “This is just what I needed”. 

Posts will include reflection, finding vulnerability, and sharing as much as possible. I will feature my original poems and stories. If you’ll engage with me, we’ll take a look at life’s lessons, challenges, wellness, and my own personal anecdotes. I’m looking to feature covers to songs as well and anything else that finds my voice. Beyond this, I also hope to find inspiration from all those that interact with me. 

So my mission is this: to use this blog to  reflect, inspire, motivate, create, and communicate. Now that we’ve got our aims, it’s time to fire. 


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